Job Seekers

Seeking a better pay? More flexibility? The perfect job? StarTechs Inc. is the team to join. Whether you are a seasoned professional, consultant or a student seeking to get the perfect job, we have the means and expertise to bridge you with your ultimate career.

Every day there is a company that’s hiring, and we are here to ensure you get that chance. The career professionals at StarTechs Inc. will help you find the job that matches your skills and training. Our network of candidates is comprised of veteran industry professionals, graduate students, and students looking for lifetime jobs; temp to perm contracts, temporary contracts, and direct hire placements.

We have a reputation of connecting candidates with the jobs of their desire in every US state and all over Canada. Our deep international reach sets us apart from other staffing agencies across the region and affords us the exclusive ability to provide unique employment solutions to candidates in virtually any location within the area of our operation.

Why Work With StarTechs Inc

We care about every member of our team and work closely with them to fully understand their professional goals, individual needs, and aspirations. We seek to understand the things and conditions they desire for a workplace environment.

This highly personalized, face-to-face approach to assessing our candidates ensures that each job seeker feels recognized and attended to. Each member of our network not only receive individual consideration, but we also make them feel the attention and the assurance of being matched with the best employment opportunities possible.

What To Expect In Working With Us

All candidates have a promise of the best, at no pay. You don’t pay us any rice save for your skills and competence.

With us, your average search is remarkably reduced. We know our corporate clients well and engage them from time to time. As such, we not only save you the trouble of having to knock from company to company in search of a perfect fit, rather, we also save you time in so doing.

When selected, we won’t waste your time. Our searches are carried out under much-reduced timeframes. You can expect to be interviewed shortly after selection.

We respect you; we trust your judgment so we won’t talk you into anything or out of it. StarTechs Inc. allows you the liberty to choose and the discretion to express an opinion. This has seen up to 90 percent of the people we place to stay with the organizations we help them get.

We respect your time, and we will always show it. At StarTechs Inc., you are entitled to flexible interview schedules, so we do not inconvenience you. All our conversations with you will be kept confidential.

Ultimately, we make clear our expectations and put you through well thought out interview process with rigorously planned job descriptions. We remain transparent even when bad news is involved.