VMS implementation managers (CCWP)


  • Our Services Exceed Your Expectations
  • We have a history of exceeding our client expectations through our Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) solutions. We have earned the confidence of our clients by providing the best support for human resources, MSP solution providers, procurement and other departments responsible forthe management of corporate contingent staffing.

    We use an intense drilling and vetting process to ensure that each MSP solution provider acquired through us is the industry’s best. From your project initiation to stable-state account management, we see to it that your program is implemented in a transparent partnership approach.

  • Comprehensive Training That Guarantees Success
  • All our VMS teams undergo primary and auxiliary training in contingent workforce program management to acquire sufficient skills and knowledge that will translate into success for your organization. We go only for the industry’s best and when you partner with us, you gain unlimited access to these rare talents.
    We have certified and accredited implementation teams including Senior Implementation Project Managers who will oversee each implementation of your company’s programs. All these are experts who are fluent in several languages and will seamlessly operate in close proximity and within time zones that are same as yours.
    We have a network of long-serving project managers who are proven to always ensure each engagement is a success. They ensure that the business practiceslocal to Canada and the US are embraced- same to the regulations, obligations andrequirements.

  • The Best Part
  • That is not the best part yet. These VMS implementation teams are led by seasoned industry troupers who are never shaken by complexity, however, challenging a task feels. With the help of these veterans, we pride ourselves in providing your business withexclusive project managementand implementation expertise for absoluteconfiguration and deployment of your Vendor Management System.
    With our proven multiphase implementation methodology, incorporated change management strategies and state of the art communication tools, you have little to worry about as far as customer service is concerned.
    Our successful relationship with Global 1000 and Fortune 500 companies is a testimony to the quality of our solutions. We remain focused andguarantee successful technology adoption and program implementation within each client organization. And as long as you work with us, you remain assured of a comprehensive solution implementation that cuts across initiating, planning, executing and controlling of your VMS.